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Address: Guanlu Village Fushan Town Weicheng District, Weifang City, Shandong, China

City: Weifang
State: Shandong
Postal Code: 261000
Country: China

CEO:Lincjohn Xu

E-mail: sales@lincjohn.com

Tel: 0086-536-2113171

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  • Petrol Engine Powered Hydraulic Driven Belt Conveyor
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    Petrol Engine Powered Hydraulic Driven Belt Conveyor

    It will be te perfect machine to load your pick up or utility Trailer. Lift height amost 6feet. Hydraulic drive belt conveyor
  • ATV Finish Mower
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    ATV Finish Mower

    ATV FINISH MOWER Lincjohn tow behind engine powered ATV Finish Mower is designed to mow areas of heavy growth easily. Lawn clip, golf courses, football field are also no problem.It is really a perfect self powered lawn mower . Options for ATV Finish Mower : 1) 3m extended...
  • ATV Finishing Mower
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    ATV Finishing Mower

    ATV Finishing Mower Description The Lincjohn ATV Finishine mower is a very versatile atv mower for cutting large grassed areas quickly. The four wheels adjust its cutting height and allow the deck to float with the ground contour. Features: 1)4 caster wheels design for ATV...
  • ATV Flail Mower
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    ATV Flail Mower

    ATV Flail Mower Description for Lincjohn ATV Flail Mower Lincjohn atv flail mower is a self-powered lawn mower, suitable for towing behind anyting-4WD / Quad Bike / ATV / UTV etc. It is a perfect towable powered flail mower for paddock and field maintenance. Detailed...
  • Slasher Mower
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    Slasher Mower

    Slasher mower Description: The Lincjohn tractor slasher mower is used to be attached with tractors. Cut effectively larger grass fields, lawn and roadsides. This PTO tractor slasher mower has 3 heavy duty cut blades Easily to adjust cuting height. 4wheels design makes it easy...
  • ATV Rotary Mower
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    ATV Rotary Mower

    ATV Rotary Mower Description: The Lincjohn ATV Rotar Mower is our new design tow behind for ATV, ATV,Quad bike etc. any 4 wheelers. It is ideal mower allow close mowing to buildings and corners faster. Features: 1)16hp 4stroke petrol electric start Engine 2)12 months warranty...
  • Finish Mower
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    Finish Mower

    Finish mower Description: Lincjohn tractor finish mower is designed as a high efficiency and useful maintenance mower for your lawn. The finish mower matched with tractor for open grassy area, cutting large tracts of grass, including coarse or scrubby vegetation. Features:...
  • ATV Tow Behind Trailer
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    ATV Tow Behind Trailer

    ATV Tow behind Trailer Description Lincjohn Box cargo trailer is designed for 4-wheelers (ATV,UTV, Quad, Car....) TB500 dumper trailer and TT1000 timber trailer is our new design. TB500 tow behind trailer main to transport fine materials, wood, garden waste and building...
  • ATV Timber Trailer
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    ATV Timber Trailer

    ATV Timber Trailer Details: Lincjohn ATV Timber Trailer is a versatile Trailer for four wheeler owner to maintenance their woodlots and farm. Be Tow behind ATV, UTV,Quad or Tractor it will transport Garden waste, building dirt, rocks, firewood, logs etc. Give a working chance...
  • Amphibious Camping Trailer
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    Amphibious Camping Trailer

    Amphibious camper trailer Main parameter: ‍ Basic characteristics:‍
  • Teardrop Travel Trailer
  • ATV Diesel Engine Shredder Chipper
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    ATV Diesel Engine Shredder Chipper

    ATV Diesel engine shredder chipper Features: 1). CE approved 2). 18/22HP Yanmar diesel engine and 40HP Changchai/Laidong diesel engine 3). Max. wood chipping diameter: 200mm 4). High speed tire Max. speed 140km/h 5). The wood chips are highly suitable for making wood pellets...
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